HR Foundations.

Every business that employs people will eventually struggle unless it lays strong HR foundations. These HR foundations clarify the employment relationship, detail terms and conditions of employment, provide staff and managers with a set of reference points to support decision making and relationships. Particularly important for managing difficult areas such as discipline, grievances, bullying and harassment, dismissals, absence, flexibility at work etc. They will include:

  1. Terms and conditions of employment with obligations on both sides made clear - putting the right contract or worker agreement in place
  2. Job specifications to clarify job requirements and how the job fits into the business
  3. Staff Handbook, either on line, hard copy or both – a working reference document for everyone in the business.
  4. Good recruitment procedures to guide practise
  5. Pay and remuneration that has some logic and rationale
  6. Sensible induction and probation policies and management