Managing Problems and Conflict

Employment relationships are ultimately at the heart of your business success. Something changes and you find yourself in a situation you had not foreseen. Attempts to manage it or reach a resolution often give way to delays and counter actions that dominate the landscape, absorbing your time and energy. Working in compliance with employment law, we can provide proactive support as hands on as you need, determining strategies and plans to facilitate the best outcome. Typically you may need help with:

  1. Difficult or vindictive employees and serial complainers causing business disruption
  2. Underperformance and misconduct – assessing performance, investigations, discipline and appeals
  3. Dismissals
  4. Grievances, commonly including allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, victimisation, etc
  5. Persistent absence and capability
  6. Restructuring, downsizing, job changes and redundancies
  7. Pre-termination negotiations, settlements and compromise agreements
  8. Employment Tribunal Claims