Your HR Partner.

You could partner with us in a number of ways depending on your budget and requirements. Your business may have been established for some time with no call for an HR strategy but as you grow, problems arise from inconsistencies, performance issues, conflicts at work and a whole array of employment dilemmas present themselves. You may want a full strategic review and HR audit followed by development of your HR foundations, or you may just need help with a specific employment problem such as a grievance or a dismissal too complex for your business expertise. You might want hands on help with a redundancy process or a change of job roles. Whatever your need, we can help you on a flexible basis as follows:

  1. Contractual Agreement - As a surrogate HR & OD manager
  2. Pay as you go - Meeting your requirements at the pace you can afford
  3. Project work or one off interventions - Reacting to a specific need that requires higher level HR expertise than you have in your business